A brief introduction to beach towels

Update:08 May 2019

The traffic is so developed that it is not needed for one day from northeast to Hainan. In this case, more people, especially those in the interior, are willing to go to the beach during the holidays. The beach is always a sea of joy for people, where you can take off your shoes and let your feet Y relax and feel the softness of the sand. However, when you are tired, you can't sit or lie on the sand. This requires a beach towel. The appearance of beach towels has a great effect on promoting seaside tourism.

Since you have a beach towel, people can sit freely and lie freely while they are on the beach. It’s not easy! The beach towel is relatively large in size and can be wrapped around the waist like a bath towel. It is attached to the neck and attached to the neck. As a cover, it can also be laid on the beach. On the other hand, the sand can be separated from the other side. Sunbathing on the beach. In fact, the biggest effect of the beach is to quickly dry the surface of people's body water, because the skin is in a humid state.

The ultraviolet light in the sun through the reflection of the pool or sea water, causing the sun effect will be three times dry! After swimming, do not dry the water, erythema, skin pain and blisters will definitely find you, so when you play outdoor water or swim, you must carry a beach towel. Since the beach towel is generally used outdoors, its appearance is generally more complicated and beautiful. In the process, it is divided into: jacquard beach towel and printed beach towel.

Jacquard beach towels are generally thick and absorbent, but due to technical limitations of jacquard technology, jacquard beach towels generally have a smaller number of colors and a simpler pattern. Printed beach towels are generally active printed beach towels. The active printing is a relatively advanced printing and dyeing process. The active printed fabrics are bright in color, good in color fastness and soft to the touch. They can be washed and faded, and used for a long time.


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