Customer service and quality content as its tools

Update:29 Sep 2018

Retailers today look much different than they did even 10 years ago. For one, different marketing and selling methods allow companies to lure in customers with free and low-cost channels, rather than paying for attention via old-school advertisements.Many of the changes reflect an entirely different kind of business philosophy, where the priority is not necessarily sales.

Today’s inbound tactics mean serving, not selling, the customer.A great way to accomplish this is to provide massive value through resources, information, service, and even ideas and inspiration.The outdoor and adventure brand prioritizes superb customer service and quality content as its tools of choice when it comes to landing new customers, generating more sales, and developing relationships with shoppers that guarantee a one-time buyer will be back for more.

Olden and Lyon saw that mainstream outdoor clothing and gear companies offered products at high retail markups. The cost of the products alone meant outdoor lovers spent most of their money getting dressed and equipped, and had little left over for their actual adventure.

Today, the company runs with a team of eight who work on product design, marketing, and more — but the products and how to showcase them is where Mountain Standard’s focus truly lies.Excellent and reasonably priced product first. Quality content produced to show that product in action second. It’s a formula that’s working well.

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