Easy to use waffle towel

Update:17 Apr 2019

Waffle towel is easy to use? Waffle towel is very good, the hand feels very soft, has a strong cleaning function and waterproof and breathable effect, no lint, no fading, easy to clean, can also be used for the baby, it is not too hard. The quality of the Waffle towel is very good.

It is a non-polluting high-tech new textile material. Its composition is an ultra-fine fiber produced by the organic compounding of polyester and nylon. Because it is a raw material with strong water absorption, good gas permeability, mildew resistance anti-bacterial and antibacterial after special treatment.

It is currently widely used in the finished textile weaving of clothing and home textiles. All in all, the quality of the Waffle towel is very worthy of recognition. The quality of the Waffle towel is good.

The brand's towel is a new type of fiber towel made of recycled fiber with nano bamboo charcoal particles and interwoven with cotton yarn. It has the functions of deodorization and bacteriostasis, and it is light and rich overall. Extremely flexible and durable, it is worth choosing.

Waffle towels