Material of fiber towel

Update:24 Apr 2019

Due to its small diameter, the microfiber has a small bending stiffness, a particularly soft fiber feel, a strong cleaning function and a waterproof and breathable effect. The microfiber has a large number of fine pores between the microfibers to form a capillary structure, and if processed into a towel-like fabric, it has high water absorption, and the washed hair can quickly absorb water and make hair Quick dry. Microfiber yarn is a non-polluting high-tech new textile material, which is composed of an ultrafine microfiber produced by the organic compounding of polyester and nylon.

Because it is a raw material with strong water absorption, good gas permeability, mildew resistance anti-bacterial and antibacterial after special treatment, it is currently widely used in the finished textile weaving of clothing and home textiles. The country is investing heavily in research and development of the home textile industry in this area. Microfiber towel is made of imported polyester fiber granules. The polyester polyamide composite microfiber yarn is a standard  high quality polyester nylon composite yarn.

Its definition is only 0.2 denier and the definition of extremely tough microfiber is different. Generally, a fiber having a fineness of  denier  micrometers or less is referred to as an ultrafine fiber. Ultrafine filaments of  denier have been produced abroad. If such a filament is pulled from the earth to the moon, its weight will not exceed  grams. China has been able to produce  denier ultrafine fibers. Due to the extremely fineness of the microfiber, the stiffness of the filament is greatly reduced, and the fabric feel is extremely soft.

The fine fiber can also increase the layered structure of the filament, increase the specific surface area and capillary effect, and make the reflected light inside the fiber more finely distributed on the surface. It has a silky elegant luster and good moisture absorption and moisture permeability. Made of microfiber, it is comfortable, beautiful, warm, breathable, has good drape and fullness, and has obvious improvement in hydrophobicity and antifouling properties. It can be designed with different specific surface structure due to its large specific surface area and softness. More absorption of sunlight heat or faster loss of body temperature plays a role in warm winter and cool summer.

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