Protein fiber towel introduction

Update:29 May 2019

Protein fiber towel refers to a towel woven from natural silk, soy protein, milk protein fiber and the like. Natural silk and wool also contain 18 kinds of amino acids that are the same as human body. People can use it as a "skin blind date". Soy protein towel is a blend of soybean fiber and acrylonitrile. It contains protein molecules such as amino groups and hydroxyl groups.

It has a pleasant luster, smooth feel and rich elasticity. It is a health care and beauty care product. The milk protein fiber towel uses high-tech technology to dissolve the milk protein component into the fiber, so that the fiber contains rich milk essence, has the nutrition and health effect on the human skin, and replenishes the skin moisture. It is the best product for people's skin care and beauty.

The silk fibroin is from silkworm cocoon. Protein fiber extracted. Silk fibroin contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are the same as human skin, which has a good moisturizing effect on the skin. The towel made by co-dispining the silk fibroin in the prion protein with polyvinyl alcohol has the luster of silk and the moisture absorption and softness of the viscose, and has the functions of skin care and health care, and is also the top grade in the towel.

Corn fiber is fermented with corn starch to produce lactic acid, and then made into polylactic acid fiber by synthetic process. It is an environmentally-friendly synthetic fiber that can be naturally degraded, and has the characteristics of aseptic, healthy and environmentally friendly. This kind of towel has good drape, smoothness and strong hygroscopicity.

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