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Update:13 Sep 2018

Now, how to check the resolution of the monitor and the graphics card? Visit the website of Dell and access the model information of your laptop. You will get to know the resolution of both. If you find that the resolution is perfect, there is very much possibility that some problem is there with the video settings of your laptop.To make adjustments of the settings, you have to plug in such a monitor which functions well. On computer which is Windows-based, right click on the desktop and choose the option of Properties. Then visit the Display Properties option from a dialog box that will pop up when you choose Properties.

You can now make all sorts adjustments of the display resolution from here.If you are a Mac computer user, you should click the Apple icon present at the upper left corner to adjust the display resolution. Dell computers – one of the popular names amongst the computer brands in the market. Problems with GraphicsEven after resetting the video settings and the cable connection, you might face problem with the graphics card of your computer. It may be possible for you to change your graphic card according to the guidelines of manufacturer.Dell monitors are known for their reliability and cost-effectiveness.

These are one of the reputed products you will find sold worldwide. But this does not mean that will give you service for life long, they too have their own life span. However, there is no reason to think that when there is some problem with your dell computer or monitor, it cannot be repaired. Many companies offering dell support does not lead your computer go beyond repair.Some Common Issues with Dell MonitorsNew Monitor – If your PC’s monitor is brand new and has not been used earlier, ensure that the resolution set with your monitor is appropriate with the graphics card which is installed in your computer.You can adjust your video settings by selecting System Preferences and after that Displays.

In case you find any problem following the process, get in touch with a computer support online service provider.Power SupplyOften it happens that you sit to do some work and you find that there is no power in your Dell computer monitor. Don’t panic! Just check whether you have turned the monitor on. Then you should examine LED present at the right corner at the lower level. If you see that the LED light is flashing or glowing yellow or green, you should be certain that the monitor of your Dell computer is receiving power. In some cases you will see that the monitor is getting power but you are not able to see any video. In that situation, turn the monitor off and allow it to rest for some time. Then plug it again and even then if you see that there are no videos, ensure that your computer’s video cables are perfectly plugged in.A renowned computer repair service can cater the best possible tech support to solve any issue with your Dell computer.

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