The difference between beach towels and bath towels

Update:26 Mar 2019

When the guys visit the home store, if you pay attention to it, you will find that the beach towel size is larger than the average bath towel – about 30 cm in length and width. why? Although their common function is to dry the water, but as the name suggests, beach towels are mostly used on the beach, when you want to sunbathe on the beach, lying on a large beach towel Not to expose the head or feet to the sand. In addition, the thickness of the two is also different.

The thickness of the bath towel is very thick, because as a bath towel, it must have good water absorption. Obviously, after bathing, you must want to quickly dry out of the bathroom. But when people are at the beach, it is not the first priority to start and dry. Therefore, the beach towel is relatively thinner, its water absorption is not so good but enough for you to dry the body, which also means that it has the characteristics of quick drying, small size, light weight and easy to carry.

Another key distinguishing point is the appearance of both. Usually you can distinguish it from ordinary bath towels at first sight by the distinctive color of beach towels. Different towels are designed to match the environment in which they are placed. Bathrooms are usually a place to relax and decompress, and the décor is dominated by simple tones, so bath towels are often designed to be either light or deep in a single color and bathroom style.

However, in order to echo the blue sky and blue sea, the bright sunshine and the joy of vacation, beach towels are generally designed to have a bright color, conflicting colors, and a rich and complex pattern. Simply put, if you hang a red-orange bath towel in the bathroom, it is a headache. However, if you are laying a beige bath towel on a yellow sand beach, then you have to look around the sea for a look. Therefore, on the beach where people come and go, spread a beach towel with a sense of presence, but it is a tool for occupying a place. In addition, choose the color and pattern that you like, and it is a fashion accessory when taking pictures.

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