The principle of cold sense sports towel

Update:10 Apr 2019

Summarizing the hot products in the summer, in addition to iced drinks, cold beer, ice cream, ice cream, cold towel is also a well-deserved hot-selling product with the feeling of “timely rain”, and it is a must-have item for all ages. search for cold towel, there will be tens of thousands of related terms, then, among the many cold towels, which brand is the best quality?Throughout China's cold towel market,  cold towel is the most authentic and best quality brand from the United States.

using American high-tech functional fabric  cold fabric, stereo knitting process, 100% cold silk weaving After the hot water is soaked in cold water, it is very cool for 2 seconds. It is very magical when you wipe the body. It can reach a temperature of minus 1 degree to minus 2 degrees. This cold feeling lasts for more than 5 hours. It is very The ideal physical cooling product, which has been popular all over the world since its inception, has been widely used in medical and sports fields, and is now a major contribution of science to human beings. cold towel does not contain chemical materials, polymer materials, glues, crystals or phase change materials.

It has good gas permeability, no chemical substances, no skin irritation, safe and reliable, breathability, comfort, softness and adsorption. It is unmatched by pure cotton, fiber and other materials.So, how long does the cold towel use without feeling cold? No matter how many times you use it, it has 100% cold feeling effect, can be reused, does not reduce the cold feeling, and the effect is consistent, it is a good value for money. Even if it is soaked with hot water, it will also produce a cold feeling, whether it is 80 degrees hot water or tap water, cold water or even sweat, only soaked, wringed, smashed, 2 seconds cold. At the same time, it can be used as a normal towel without cooling, so it can absorb water and absorb sweat. who lives in Beijing, told reporters that our company boss is very smart.

Every summer, our cooling benefits are not subsidies, not cold drinks, but  cold towel, one person, the company does not even need air conditioning, electricity costs are also Saved. Although everyone complained about the boss's tips, the experience of using this towel is superb. I took it home from work and continued to use it, especially in the kitchen. It is very cool to use it to wipe the sweat. Now, we can't do without the cold towel.The insiders suggest that the cold-sensing towels are now varied, the brands are too many, and the market is chaotic. Everyone tries to choose a big brand because the big brands are guaranteed in terms of product quality and the use effect is better.

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