Three best quick-drying bath towels

Update:12 Jul 2019

Not only are quick-drying bath towels highly absorbent and resistant to mildew and odors, but they also can dry and be ready to use again within a few hours. And, when shopping for the best quick-dry bath towels, you'll want to look for one type of towel microfiber.Why microfiber towels? Because the fibers in a microfiber towel are much thinner than the fibers in your standard towel, they have around four times as much surface area as a same-sized cloth towel.

Not only does this extra surface area allow them to absorb more water, it also means they dry up to three times as fast as a classic cloth. More surface area exposed to air equals faster drying times.Because their fibers are so small, microfiber towels are great at removing makeup, and beauty experts also recommend microfiber towels for quickly drying your hair without damage.But, microfiber towels are more expensive and are not quite as soft as cotton.

If these are deal breakers for you, look instead for a thin, lightweight cotton towel. While not as quick-drying as microfiber, a cotton towel that's on the thinner side will still dry far faster than its thick and plushier counterpart.For the value, there's no better quick-drying bath towels on Amazon than these Polyte microfiber ones. Like any 100-percent microfiber polyester towels, they are absorbent as well as mildew and odor resistant. However, these towels are also particularly soft, thanks to the dual pile weave design. Sold in a set of four, you get a lot of towel for your money with this option. These towels measure an oversized 30-by-57 inches when expanded, but, due to their thin and lightweight nature, they'll fold up compactly.

They come in four colors — white, beige, gray, and a medium blue — and have a satin trim on the edges, giving them a more luxurious appearance. Amazon reviewers seem to love them, too, giving these towels a glowing 4.3-star rating.Although they are a little smaller and slightly pricier per towel than the overall best pick, these JML microfiber bath towels are still a solid choice, especially if you only need or want a set of two. They are made of soft and highly-absorbent, 100-percent microfiber and are designed with a loop on the label, making them ideal for hanging from hooks. Available in 20 color options, including this fun pink and white striped print, these towels are both a stylish and functional choice for your bathroom.

Microfiber bath towels