What kind of fabric is suitable for summer

Update:21 Jun 2019

From the material of the clothes, cotton, hemp, silk and other natural fibers are the best choice for summer dressing. According to the measurement, when the temperature is 24 ° C and the relative humidity is about 60%, the moisture absorption rate of silk products is about 10%. The cotton fabric is about 8%, the synthetic fiber has the worst moisture absorption rate, generally less than 3%. The silk clothes are very skin-friendly, light in weight and thin in thickness.

Wearing a silk dress on a hot summer day, it is comfortable and beautiful. The body is cool, the cotton clothes absorb sweat, the air permeability is good and the fabric is soft and not stiff. The linen clothes are loose, the texture is light, the pores are large, the gas permeability and the water absorption are very good. The thinner the fabric, the more sparse, the clothes The lighter, the cooler the dress, the choice of clothes materials, in addition to cotton, hemp, silk and other natural fibers, some fabrics made of man-made fiber fabrics such as modal fiber。

Tencel, regenerated Mo fiber, also relatively cool, some polyester Chemical fiber material clothes, seemingly light, but poorly breathable, a sweaty clothes will stick to the body, buy attention to distinguish in a variety of clothing materials, silk is the lightest, has the best skin-friendly, is the most suitable UV cloth is the most important external factor for skin aging. Silk can protect people's skin from UV rays. Silk will gradually turn yellow under ultraviolet light. The reason is that silk absorbs ultraviolet silk in the sun. The fabric is pure silkworm white silk fabric, which is made of twill weave. According to the square weight of the fabric, it is divided into thin and medium.

According to the post-processing, it can not be divided into dyeing and printing. Cotton has excellent cooling function. As the name suggests, cotton is the clothes made of cotton fiber. The cotton fiber has good moisture absorption, can absorb sweat, make the skin fresh, and the cotton material is very soft and makes people feel very comfortable. . Cotton fiber is a natural fiber, the main component is cellulose, sales of waxy substances, sweat nitrogen and pectin. After many tests and practices, cotton fiber fabrics have no irritation and side effects on the skin, and it is beneficial to the human body. Good hygienic performance. Its texture is soft and smooth, soft and light in hand, colorful and colorful, and it is cool and comfortable. It is mainly used as summer shirts, pajamas, dress fabrics and headscarves.

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