Wide use of microfiber fabrics

Update:14 May 2019

Microfibers are used in a wide range of applications. The textile made with it, after sand washing, grinding and other advanced finishing, the surface forms a layer similar to the appearance of peach skin hair, and is extremely bulky, soft, smooth, high-end fashion, jacket, made with this fabric。

T-shirts, underwear, culottes, etc. are cool and comfortable, sweat-absorbent and not close to the body, full of youthful beauty; foreign countries use superfine fibers to make high-grade artificial suede, which has the appearance, feel, style and low price of leather. It is fine and soft, and it is used as a clean cloth. It has excellent decontamination effect.

It can wipe all kinds of equipment and has no damage to the mirror surface. It can also be made into ultra-high-density fabric with extremely fine surface for making skiing and skating. Sportswear such as swimming can reduce resistance and help athletes to achieve good results.

At present, the research and development of microfiber materials has achieved significant breakthroughs in military applications. Some enterprises are developing leather for military clothing, gloves and military boots. Among them, microfiber military gloves suede leather and microfiber military gloves veneer leather have passed the inspection of the People's Liberation Army Special Apparel Quality Testing Center. The vast majority.

Microfiber fabrics